…is the revised and re-established scholarship, formerly known as “The Lil’Joe Scholarship,” that is given in honor and remembrance of member(s) from the K9 Organization that have lost life while being an active member within the organization.

It is the goal of the K9 Organization to keep the memory of these “fallen” members alive by helping and encouraging students to reach their full potential by going beyond high school and maximizing the opportunities others would realize as a result of completing a higher-educational degree. The economy of our great nation is forever changing and the number of scholarships is decreasing as the costs of books and tuition are increasing.

The award(s) will be presented during the graduation ceremony of the winning scholars or another designated time. Different fundraisers and general funds donated directly from the members will be used to fulfill this obligation. Contributions from other businesses, philanthropists, and potential corporate partners will permit the organization to award even more in scholarships.

How It Works

The criteria will be strictly adhered to and has been carefully compiled by members of the K9 Organization along with school administrators and business men and women outside of the organization (valid in only states where active K9 chapters are present). All of you reading this document are encouraged to apply. Do not let any obstacle stand in your way. If there are things that you may be missing or lack thereof from the listed criteria, then seek ways of improvement or methods of attainment. It is the organization’s goal to help not hinder. Good luck!                                        


2022 Scholarship Winners

Previous Scholarships Awarded to: